by MCJ

These drabbles were written in response to the 2006 Tracy Island Writers Forum's Drabble Challenge. TIWF members voted for their three favorite drabbles and MCJ took 1st place with her second drabble.

Choose three of the following six topics and write one drabble for each of the topics you chose. You will wind up with three 100-word drabbles on whichever three topics you chose. Here are your choices:

A) Scott during a rescue (could be his thoughts, someone observing him, something he's actually doing, etc.).
B) Virgil while playing the piano (again, could be his thoughts, someone observing/listening, etc.).
C) Gordon's and Alan's relationship as brothers (one or both of them thinking about it, one of them thinking about the other, someone else ruminating on their relationship, etc.).
D) Lady Penelope (either her thoughts or someone else's about her/what she does, etc.).
E) The Thunderbirds (perhaps the ship's actual POV or someone's thoughts about one or all of them, etc.).
F) Parody drabble (anything goes, parody style).

Drabble One

(c) Alan and Gordon as Brothers

When one nods and the other smiles, we prepare ourselves for the inevitable. When one shrugs and the other frowns, we know to leave them alone. But right now we have a distress call and it's time to brief them on their role.

They turn and look attentive. The glance between them says it all. This is not the time for pranks or petty argument. They need to stand beside their brothers and bring those people home.

The frown becomes a smile.

The shrug becomes a nod.

And they leave the lounge together with the flash of an identical smile.

Drabble Two

(d) Lady Penelope

A steady hand controls the trigger. The warning is made clear.

She believes he has something belonging to International Rescue and any movement will be his last.

The beads of sweat gather on his forehead.

A shudder passes down my spine.

I watch in trepidation as a tiny camera is surrendered from the palm of his trembling hand.

Her eloquent word of "thank you" precedes his inevitable dark. When he wakes he will remember very little.

She calls me from the shadows and entrusts me with the camera.

Mission accomplished and please pass on her fondest regards to my Father.

Drabble Three

(e) Thunderbird 5's POV

I drift up here in the nothingness where time will never know meaning and distance has held no bounds.

Despite my silent existence I am integral to the world of International Rescue.

I am the vessel where the theories of the Universe are carefully thought out and challenged. I am the prison that separates the desires of those with burning love. Above all, I am the reason so many people still have the ability walk upon this earth when fate decreed it was time for them to die.

I was there.

I am always there.

Because I am Thunderbird Five.

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