So you want to be a better writer? Tired of the weeping, the wailing, the long lost Tracy sisters and the Mary Sues? We understand! Pack up your PC, hop on your hoverbike and come on over to the TRACY ISLAND WRITERS FORUM.

TIWF is the official list group of THE TRACY ISLAND CHRONICLES – it’s where our group gets together to talk, chat and share. At TIWF you’ll find a welcoming, supportive atmosphere featuring fun, encouragement and constructive advice. And did we mention great writing challenges? We have many members who are not only among the best writers in the Thunderbirds arena but also longtime fans of the series, and we know our stuff. We welcome questions of any kind – and no, we won’t get mad at you for asking what FAB stands for.

Do you have to be a writer to join TIWF? Not at all! If all you want to do is hang with us and talk Thunderbirds, then that's cool with us, too!

So what are you waiting for? Good times -- and better writing -- are right at the other end of this link.

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