by EJB

Written for the Valentine's Day Challenge of the Classic Thunderbirds Showcase C2 Group. Thanks to my beta readers as usual for their eagle eyes.

 A late night conversation between Jeff Tracy and his wife Lucille.

Jeff Tracy smiled at his wife and said to her, "Well it's been quite a day. I never expected it to go like this."

"Neither did I. I thought we'd plenty of time. It seems hours ago now since you brought me that tray up to my room to give me breakfast in bed before you went to work," Lucy said to him as she remembered the far off events of the morning. "Pity I had to get up to get the boys up for school. I could have enjoyed lying there relaxing for a while longer."

"Well you just wait until they are all grown up and gone. The two of us will be able to do plenty of relaxing then," he told her with a smile. "We can go on vacations and trips to visit our grandkids wherever they are and spoil them rotten for their parents."

"I can't imagine them as dads and us old and grey," Lucy laughed. "Or you ever retiring and putting your feet up."

"I'm pleased Mom managed to make it over to baby-sit," Jeff said. "I thought that snow storm was going to be a lot worse but it petered out in the end. Just as well it did and she managed to get here."

"Knowing your mother she would have shook her fist at the cloud and told it to go away. It would have had no other choice but to obey," Lucy laughed. "You know how much she loves to see the boys and they adore her, too."

"They certainly were happy and excited to see her when she arrived. She can stay for a while longer now in the circumstances. The weather may get too bad for her to travel home anyway," Jeff told her.

"By the way, Jeff thanks for that little gift you left on my breakfast tray, it's beautiful and I'll treasure it always." Lucy smiled at him, her soft brown eyes radiating the happiness she felt inside.

"I'm pleased you like it. I had hoped you would be able to wear it tonight, but there will be another occasion we can arrange," he said to her. "I think you need to get some sleep now, Lucy. It's been one long day for you, and for me, too."

"You're right, I guess I do feel a little sleepy now," she answered. Then she seemed a little concerned. "You're sure you're not disappointed?"

"Me? Disappointed? Of course not, are you?" he answered.

"No, not at all. I'm used to it now," she replied. "I still want that meal you were going to take me out for tonight though if our plans hadn't been suddenly altered."

Jeff Tracy looked down at the tiny baby now fast asleep in his arms. "How can I possibly be disappointed with him?" he said to her. "I guess I'm used to boys now, too."

He stood up and gently laid the baby back in the hospital crib and kissed his wife. "Happy Valentines Day, darling and thank you for my new son."

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