As Gordon is the practical joker of the Tracy family, what better place to put some Thunderbirds-related amusements? Here you'll find the Thunderbirds Drinking Game, the 'You know you're a Thunderbirds Fan...' quiz, and the Mary Sue Litmus Test.

Thunderbirds Drinking Game
Think you're up to it? Well, stock your fridge and belly up to the bar!

(Otherwise known as Chuggin' on International Rescue)

Okay, all of you out there with strong constitutions... it’s time for the one and only Thunderbirds Drinking Game. So, belly-up to the bar (or counter) and raise your glasses (or mugs) for our favorite family of trouble shooters.

The rules are simple and most definitely flexible, as is your choice of beverages. For us here at TIC, we’re going to start the festivities with Jeff and Scott’s drink of choice from their Air Force days. Yes, we’re talking aged, single malt SCOTCH. So, line ‘em up and knock ‘em back. We guarantee it will make for enhanced viewing of those lovely DVDs.

Warning: High Buzz Factor!!!

And don’t forget to yell out DRINK! at the appropriate times. Whoever yells DRINK! first does not have to take a sip.

Okay then, ready?

Take ONE sip every time...

• Scott heads for the lamps or Virgil for the rocket painting
• Thunderbird One or Two is launched
• Scott says "Yes, Sir!"
• Virgil gives his E.T.A. (Estimated Time of Arrival)
• You hear Scott tell Virgil to "Hurry it up!" (You may need a spittoon on the side for this one or it could make for a very short game and a very early evening.) {wink}
• Someone says, "F.A.B.!"
• Alan pouts like a child (Hmmm, maybe a Shirley Temple would be more appropriate here.)
• Kyrano or Tin-Tin offers coffee to someone in the lounge
• Brains st-stutters
• Penelope says, "Parker, get the Rolls Royce."
• Grandma is baking apple pies or cooking (Better stay out of the kitchen, Scott)
• Thunderbird 2 drops Pod 4 into the ocean (Poor Gordo)
• Someone is smoking (Cough!)
• Someone is drinking
• Tin-Tin cries
• One of the boys’ vid portraits is switched on
• A member of IR has to be rescued (What, again?)
• The Hood tries to take photos of the Thunderbirds
• The automatic camera detector goes off
• The Mole is used
• Someone talks to their watch
• Someone comments on the heat (Phew!)

Take TWO sips if...

• Someone visits the Island unannounced
• Kyrano has an "attack"
• Gordon puts on his scuba gear
• You catch a continuity error such as different clothing or characters switching positions
• Jeff recites The Code (Motto) of International Rescue
• Someone shoots Scott’s gun out of his hand (Ouch!)
• Thunderbird Three goes on a rescue
• Thunderbird One fires its machine cannon
• Alan pilots Thunderbird One
• Gordon goes as double crew on Thunderbird Two
• Children are invited to the Island
• Jeff is smoking a cigar (Again, cough!)
• Virgil paints
• The Hood’s eyes glow
• Alan’s brothers taunt him
• Virgil plays the piano

CHUG if any of the following occur...

• Jeff goes on vacation
• Scott panics • John goes on a rescue
• Penny visits Tracy Island
• A character dies
• Alan relieves John in Thunderbird Five

Whew! Congratulations on getting through that one! If you’re still standing, we’d like you to try a couple of appropriate cocktails (courtesy of Gilly) for your continued viewing (and drinking!) pleasure.

Comfortable Brother
1½ oz. Southern Comfort
1½ oz. Frangelico

Five Green Brothers
5 oz. Bacardi 151 Black Bat Rum
2 oz. Blue Curacao
2 oz. Malibu Rum
Mountain Dew
Splash of Budweiser Light Beer


We know you love Thunderbirds, but we thought we'd create this little test to gauge just how much the show has influenced you over the years. If you answer yes to any or all of these, Congratulations! You are now one of us.

1) You look around the house and the walls of your living room are covered from end to end with Thunderbird posters, calendars, plates and other memorabilia.
2) You tell your children to behave or you will send The Hood to teach them a lesson.
3) You want to know the meaning of life, so you decide to set up a consultation with Kyrano.
4) Someone unexpectedly knocks at the front door and you turn to your family and yell, "Operation Cover Up!"
5) You're in line at a fast food restaurant and you nearly get whiplash when they announce that the order for Virgil is ready.
6) You are seated on an airplane, about to take off. You hear an announcement that your pilot's names are Gordon and Scott and you start laughing hysterically, at which point the other passengers are all staring at you very apprehensively.
7) You hear about a mudslide in Indonesia and can't figure out why they haven't called International Rescue.
8) You go to a pay phone and wonder why there is no visual mode.
9) A "Queer Eye... " fan invites you to come watch the FAB 5 and you say, "Oh, Thunderbirds is on?"
10) You go to an air show featuring the Thunderbirds and you say, "What do you mean Thunderbird Four is going to do a fly by?"
11) You see your child pop a gummy bear into his mouth and you scream, "Nooooo! Not the edible transmitter!"
12) You bake an apple pie and put it out to cool. The next day, there is a piece missing and you ask if anyone's seen Scott.
13) On your next visit to Sea World, you ask to see the Water Mamba exhibit.
14) You visit a friend's house and notice two lamp fixtures on the wall. When no one is looking, you grab them and try to spin around.

And, last but not least (drum roll please):

15) You purchase a special high powered telescope, spend every night searching for Thunderbird Five in orbit and wonder if John can see you waving through his.

Mary Sue Litmus Test
[Adapted for Thunderbirds]

Worried your character might be a Mary Sue? Take this test and find out! Be Afraid... Be Very Afraid...

Mary Sue Litmus Tests are well known across many fandoms as a simple, fun and hopefully not too painful way of finding out if your favorite original character is a "Supercharacter," commonly referred to in fan fiction as a "Mary Sue" (or a "Marty Stu" if the character is male).

You may not immediately know what we mean by this, but once you've worked your way through these questions you'll know exactly what we're getting at, and you'll probably be able to name several offending characters from fiction you've read!

We were originally going to do this as a standard test, complete with the usual scoring system. But as we worked to customize the questions for Thunderbirds, we realized that the standard scoring system just plain doesn't work. The reason is simple -- in the hands of many writers, being guilty of even one of the more extreme (but unfortunately all-too-familiar) scenarios below would make the character a crashing Mary Sue.

As with most things, it's all in the execution.

Our advice: if you find that when you read through some of these questions you a) don't find these scenarios remotely ridiculous, b) actually think they're pretty good ideas for a fic, or c) recognize them as important components of fics you've already written, then you're in trouble and you need to get yourself to a good beta reader, pronto!


1) This does NOT mean that just because she's guilty of any one particular trait below that your character IS a "Mary Sue." For instance, it's always possible that a really excellent writer could do a story where the original female character is a secret agent with amnesia, has three of the boys fighting over her, gets them all singing and then crying over their mother, and then elbows Scott out of the way when a rescue call comes in and pilots TB1... and somehow manage to make it all sound so good that we forget that we should be tearing our hair out at the outrageousness of the manipulation. (Okay, that might be a bit too many for even the best author, but you see what we're saying!) So please don't seize on one or two things that you recognize from these questions and immediately decide that this means your character is doomed to the Supercharacter Hall of Shame. As we said before, it's all in how it's done.

2) VERY IMPORTANT INDEED! Just because your original character becomes involved with one of the regular cast does NOT automatically make her a Mary Sue no matter what people tell you. It's all about how real and independent and three-dimensional a character you make her, and how well you handle the development of the relationship itself. We can't doom our boys to celibacy simply because a few fanfic nazis out there want to shoot down every story that features a romantic relationship!

Remember, there is always hope... that's what good beta readers are for!

"Alias Mr. Hackenbacker" (or What's in a Name?)

1. Is the character named after you? This can be your first name, middle name, or a favorite nickname, even your pen name or online name. If so, stop now. Put your pencil (mouse?) down and turn in your test. You flunk.
2. Does your character have a cool, exotic or unusual name that you wish you had like Scarlet, Savannah, Amethyst or Starlight?
3. Does the character have a secret identity with an even cooler, more exotic or more unusual name than the one she/he usually goes by?
4. Did you spend more than a day looking for just the right name?
5. Have you named or considered naming your pet or child the character's name?

"The Uninvited" (or Who's That Girl?)

1. Is the character the same gender as you?
2. Does the character have an unusual, exotic hair and/or eye color? ... that keeps getting pointed out over and over again throughout the story?
3. Did the character wash up on the shores of Tracy Island? ... with memory loss but lots of cool clothes? ... and weapons?
4. When your character regains her/his memory, do they find out they're a famous rock star? ... and is the rock star persona a cover, and they're really a secret agent? ... who is being pursued by the governments of the world and every known crime syndicate because of a secret artefact/device/microdot they have in their possession?
5. Is the character being haunted?
6. Is your character channelling someone from the past or future who wants to help the boys? ... or save the world as we know it?
7. Does the character do any one IR-specific thing better than any of the regulars? (Like being a better pilot than Scott, a better engineer than Brains, a better piano player than Virgil, etc... ) ... Does the character do MORE than one thing better?
8. Does Jeff Tracy instantly and without question entrust one or all of the Thunderbirds to the character's flying skills? ... even though they are only 16 and still in high school?
9. Does one of the Tracys instantly fall in love with her and start talking marriage and babies? ... even though she is only 15 and still in high school?
10. Is the character so bewitching and drop dead gorgeous that every man, woman, child, animal, fish and insect on the island falls instantly and hopelessly in love with her? ... do they instantly fall in love with her even if she isn't bewitching and drop dead gorgeous? ... even if her body type can best be described as "chunky," she has a patch over one eye and she's so homely she frightens the livestock?
11. Do they offer to leave the island and IR to follow her to the ends of the Earth? ... even though she's only 14 and still in high school?
12. Does Tin-Tin hate her because the boys, Jeff, Brains and Kyrano are all hopelessly in love with her?

"The Imposters" (or Family Tree)

1. Is the character a long-lost child of Jeff and Lucille? ... a long-lost child of one of the Tracy brothers? ... a long-lost girlfriend/wife of one of the Tracy brothers? ... Lucille herself (she didn't die!)?
2. Is the character the reincarnation of someone near and dear to one or all of the Tracys?
3. Is the character a member of a hitherto unknown Philanthropic organization? ... that resembles International Rescue? ... that's pretty much exactly like International Rescue? ... except that they are all girls under the age of 16?
4. Does the character have a twin (male or female), a sibling, or even a clone of the same gender? ... and is this twin, sibling or clone also a secret agent? ... who was supposedly killed in action a long time ago but miraculously shows up again, only he or she is now evil?
5. Does the character have an angelic singing voice that the Tracys mistily compare to that of the dead Lucille?
6. Does the character play the piano better than Virgil and the guitar better than Gordon?
7. Does the character paint and draw better than Virgil?
8. Does the character spend half the story giving piano-playing and painting pointers to Virgil?
9. Does the character do what you do for fun or profit? (This includes having the same job you have, or would like to have when you're older, or having a job that sounds like a lot of fun even though you know nothing about it.)
10. Does the character insult the regulars constantly and/or show a blatant disregard for authority? ... does she/he get away with this stuff? ... does everyone end up liking the character (especially the regular characters that are your favorites)? ... in spite of her/his bad attitude?
11. Is your character the female equivalent to one of the Tracy sons in every way including eye color, hair color, etc.?
12. Was your character created in vitro from a lock of Jeff Tracy's hair? ... by the Hood?

"Move - And You're Dead" (or Villainous Villains and their Villainy)

1. Is the character a double agent? ... one of the Hood's most trusted aides? ... even more ruthless than The Hood?
2. Is the character another child of Belah Gaat's parents but doesn't find out until the middle or end of the story, or will find out in a future story you already have planned?
3. Is the character currently being actively hunted by an unrelenting tyrant?
4. Does the character have a secret evil past, has now reformed, but is being blackmailed? ... by the Hood?
5. Does the character manage to develop a friendship with an otherwise villainous character, and through this friendship, reform the other character? ... is the villain in question Belah Gaat?
6. Does the villain become evil again after the character dies, but retain some last vestige of goodness from his/her interaction with the character, evidenced in one selfless action at the end of the story?

"Cry Wolf" (or Weeping, Wailing and Training)

1. Does your character immediately put the Tracys into informal family therapy and begin to solve their emotional problems, even though they've only known them a week and have no qualifications as a therapist whatsoever? ... do the Tracys enthusiastically embrace this immediately and without question?
2. Do the hitherto dry-eyed and stoic Tracy brothers cry at the drop of a hat in this character's presence, usually on her shoulder, and spill their guts endlessly about how unhappy and insecure they are and how much they miss their mother? ... and then sing?
3. Is your character the only person on the face of the Earth who can supply the Tracys with whatever it is they need to save the world (or effect the rescue)?
4. Can the character fly any or all the Thunderbirds? ... without any apparent training?
5. Does the character, not being International Rescue, a government agent or in the military, have special fighting skills anyway? ... and is in so much better shape than the Tracy brothers that she/he can take them all on in hand to hand combat? ... even if the character is female, 5'2" tall and 90 pounds soaking wet?
6. Does she/he tell Jeff how to command, tell Brains what to invent, teach the boys better ways to fly the Thunderbirds and have an amazing database of knowledge about every single type and place of rescue they encounter in the story?
7. Does the character have any psionic abilities (telepathy, telekinesis, empathy, precognition, etc.)? ... or just "know things" for no apparent reason? ... or have the ability to heal with a touch and/or thought?
8. Does your character have latent super powers like Wonder Woman or Spider-Man?
9. Is the character really an alien from another planet who's come to tell one of the Tracy brothers that he has a secret and profound universal destiny?

"Pit of Peril" (or Love, What is it Good For?)

1. Does the character fall in love with and/or have sex with Scott, Virgil, John, Gordon or Alan? ... all of the above? ... simultaneously? (We'd like to see this one... send us a copy!)
2. Does the character fall in love with and/or have sex with another main character from the show? ... for instance, Jeff or Penny? ... or Jeff AND Penny? ... at the same time? ... just kidding here... but if you write it, we'd like to see it. ... strictly for research purposes, of course.
3. Is the major character your character falls in love with/has sex with also your favorite character on the show? ... i.e. the one YOU would most like to fall in love with/have sex with?
4. Does the story end with the character's wedding?
5. Does the story end with the character getting pregnant or getting another character pregnant? ... is the Hood secretly the father and no one knows?

"Desperate Intruder" (or Meanwhile, Back on the Mainland... )

1. Would you like to be friends with the character if you met them in real life?
2. Do you think everyone who reads the story should automatically like the character and want to be friends with the character?
3. If someone tells you she/he doesn't like your character, do you take it really personally? (Be honest.)
4. Do you ever pretend, just to yourself, that you are the character, with the same strengths and abilities?
5. Have you made a costume of this character in your size (i.e., an IR uniform with a sash color that matches the character's eyes?) ... which you wear in your room at night when no one can see you?

"Path of Destruction" (or The Plot's the Thing)

1. Do you introduce the character on the first page of the story? ... before any of the regulars appear? ... long before any of the regulars appear?
2. Do you tell the story primarily from the character's point of view?
3. Does the character meet the team, and after a few tense pages of plot, become instant, fast friends with them?
4. Does the character figure out right away who the International Rescue organization is without any prior knowledge?
5. Does the character become a member of International Rescue during the course of the story? ... or is it an alternate reality where she/he has always been with the team?
6. Does the character save the day and/or another character's life? ... through use of her superior fighting/flying/technological/medical skills or the fact that she's a dead shot with a crossbow? ... through dying? ... thus sending everyone into months of clothes-rending mourning?
7. Does the character single-handedly rescue the Tracys from a dangerous situation or from capture by the Hood or another evil-doer?
8. Does she/he return miraculously from the dead by the end of the story? ... in the sequel?
9. Does the character end up living on Tracy Island/at Creighton-Ward Mansion? ... on a permanent basis?
10. Do you plan on basing all your future stories around this particular character?

"Day of Disaster" or... Help! My Character's All Over This Test, What Do I Do????

Okay, the worst is over.

Let's assume your character is guilty of not just one but several of the worst of the scenarios above. What to do? Do you try to correct the problem or do you forge ahead and write what you want anyway? That's entirely up to you. There are no hard and fast rules governing fanfiction, and popular opinion varies not only from fandom to fandom or from group to group, but even from story to story. If it's obvious to you now that she's a Mary Sue (or a Marty Stu) but you don't want to change him/her, that's totally okay. It's your character, they're your stories, and when it comes right down to it, you're allowed to write whatever you want. Just be aware that other people will see it, too, and will probably call you on it.

Okay, enough said. Now get out there and do the most important thing you can do with a good fic... WRITE IT!!!


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